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Certifications in Database Management Systems

Posted by trainedat on March 18, 2016
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Database management systems have seen tremendous development over years. From relational databases to MPP databases and now we have NoSQL databases. Industry is also adopting fast to these changes. Not long ago MySQL, DB2, GreenPlum and Teradata were mainstream technologies but Big data technology has changed the landscape completely. NoSQL based databases such as HBase, MongoDB and Cassandra are gaining lot of popularity. It is important to keep pace with these changes and get your skills updated continually. MongoDB Inc., MapR and DATAstax provide freely available online courses on their website.

MapR offer certification for Hbase and DATAstax for apache cassandra. MongoDB is probably the most famous NoSQL databases and has seen the quickest adoption in the market. The MongoDB Inc. offers two certifications for associate developer and DBA. These certifications can be taken online after registering at their website. Oracle, IBM, SAP and Teradata also offers certifications for their propriety softwares.

We are listing five very popular and reputed Database management system certifications. All of these certifications are multiple choice questions based. Also the certification can be taken online except for SAP and Oracle certifications.

  1. MapR certified Hbase developer
  2. DATAstax certifications for apache cassandra: administrator, developer and  architect
  3. MongoDB developer associate and DBA associate certifications
  4. Oracle Database 11g Essentials
  5. IBM Certified Database Associate – DB2 10.1 Fundamentals
  6. SAP certified technology associate-Database administrator for SAP Sybase
  7. Teradata certifications (there are total 6 certifications)

Details on exams, prerequisites, retake policies, prices, validity, sample practice test and mode of delivery are given below.

Database Management System Certifications

Database Management system certification
Certification NameMapR certified Hbase developer
No. of Exams1 Exam
(MCHBD Exam)
Price$US 250
Prerequisites/Eligibility1. Background in computer science, and Linux/Unix OS
2. Java Programming experience
Questions/Duration/Passing Score120 minutes; 60-80 questions; Passing scores are not published
ValidityThe Certifications are tied to the version of the exam that are passed and remains permanently valid for that version.
Retake Policy1. If a candidate fails an exam, he can retake the exam in 14 days.
2. If a candidate passes the exam, he may not retake the exam for the same version (e.g., v.4.0)
Self-Study/Sample TestsRegister with MapR online to take freely available courses for each exam.
DEV 320 - HBase Data Model and Architecture
DEV 325 - HBase Schema Design
DEV 330 - Developing HBase Applications: Basics
DEV 335 - Developing HBase Applications: Advanced
Exam Partner/Exam TypeThe exams are proctored through a service called Innovative Exams. Register the exam online on MapR website.
Certification NameCertificate 1: DATAstax certification for apache cassandra developer
Certificate 2: DATAstax certification for apache cassandra administrator
Certificate 3: DATAstax certification for apache cassandra architect
No. of Exams1 Exam per certificate
PriceCertificate 1: US$ 300
Certificate 2: US$ 300
Certificate 3: US$ 400
Questions/Duration/Passing ScoreCertificate 1: 90 minutes; 56 questions
Certificate 2: 90 minutes; 68 questions
Certificate 3: 180 minutes; 72 questions
ValidityContact for more details
Retake PolicyContact for more details
Self-Study/Sample TestsCertificate 1:
DS201: Cassandra Core Concepts
DS220: Data Modeling
Practice Test

Certification 2:
DS201: Cassandra Core Concepts
DS210: Operations and Performance Tuning
Practice test

Certification 3:
DS201: Cassandra Core Concepts
DS210: Operations and Performance Tuning
DS220: Data Modeling
Practice test
Exam Partner/Exam TypeOnline or at a test center through Kryterion
Certification NameCertificate 1: MongoDB certified developer associate
Certificate 2: MongoDB certified DBA associate
No. of Exams1 Exam per certificate
Certificate 1: C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam
Certificate 2: C100DBA: MongoDB Certified DBA Associate Exam
PriceUS$ 150 for each exam
Questions/Duration/Passing Score90 mins; Exam question types are multiple choice and check all that apply.
ValidityNo Validity Date
Retake PolicyMongoDB is no longer including a free retake with the exam fee.
Self-Study/Sample TestsRegister for freely available courses at MongoDB website for preparation of both the certificates.
Exam Partner/Exam TypeRegister for web-based exams at MongoDB website.
Certification NameOracle Database 11g Essentials
No. of Exams1 Exam (1Z0-514)
Price9604 INR
Questions/Duration/Passing Score120 mins; 69 questions; Passing Score is 61%
ValidityYou must upgrade to a current version within twelve (12) months following Oracle’s credential retirement to keep your certification in active status.
Retake Policy1. Candidates must wait 14 days before retaking a failed proctored exam.
2. Candidates may retake an online non-proctored exam at any time.
3. Candidates may not retake a passed exam at any time.
4. Candidates are only allowed 4 attempts to pass an exam in a 12-month period.
Self-Study/Sample TestsPractice Exams are available for purchase from Oracle or from Kaplan SelfTest directly.
Exam Partner/Exam TypePearson VUE testing center
Certification NameIBM Certified Database Associate - DB2 10.1 Fundamentals
No. of Exams1 Exam
(Test C2090-610: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals)
PriceUS$ 100
Questions/Duration/Passing Score90 mins; 69 questions; Passing Score is 66%
ValidityOnce you achieve certification, it is valid indefinitely
Retake Policy1. If candidate fails the exam, second attempt can be taken without any waiting period.
2. 3rd attempt onward candidates will not be permitted to take the same test more than twice within a 30-day period.
3. No retakes are allowed for candidates passing the exam
Self-Study/Sample TestsAssessment test is available online through Pearson VUE for a fee of $US 30.
Exam Partner/Exam TypePearson VUE available online
Certification NameSAP certified technology associate-Database administrator for SAP Sybase
No. of Exams1 Exam
PriceUS$ 600
Prerequisites/Eligibility1. Minimum 1 year of SAP Implementation Experience
2. 2 years of support experience ( minimum of 6 months experience with the same version)
Questions/Duration/Passing Score180 mins; 80 questions; Passing Score is 63%
ValidityValid certifications: Two most recent solution releases
Retake Policy1. No candidate may participate in the same examination for the same release more than 3 times. A candidate who has failed an examination 3 times for a release may not attempt that examination again until the next release.

2. Successful candidates are not permitted to retake the same examination
Self-Study/Sample TestsSample Test Questions
Exam Partner/Exam TypePearson VUE (only test center based). Please contact SAP Education organization to get a SAP User ID to register for the exam.
Certification NameCertificate 1: Teradata 14 Certified Professional
Certificate 2: Teradata 14 Certified Technical Specialist
Certificate 3: Teradata 14 Certified Database Administrator
Certificate 4: Teradata 14 Certified Solutions Developer
Certificate 5: Teradata 14 Certified Enterprise Architect
Certificate 6: Teradata 14 Certified Master

No. of ExamsTE0-141: Teradata 14 Basics
TE0-142: Teradata 14 SQL
TE0-143: Teradata 14 Physical Design and Implementation
TE0-144: Teradata 14 Database Administration
TE0-145: Teradata 14 Solutions Development
TE0-146: Teradata 14 Enterprise Architecture
TE0-147: Teradata 14 Comprehensive Mastery

Certificate 1: TE0-141
Certificate 2: TE0-(141-143)
Certificate 3: TE0-(141-144)
Certificate 4: TE0-(141-143,145)
Certificate 5: TE0-(141-143,145-146)
Certificate 6: TE0-(141-146, 147)
PriceTE0-(141-143): US$ 155 for each exam
TE0-(144-146): US$ 170 for each exam
TE0-147: US$ 195
Prerequisites/EligibilityCertificate 1: 6 months to 1 year of practical experience is recommended
Certificate 2: 1 to 2 years of practical experience is recommended
Certificate 3: 2 to 3 years practical experience is recommended.
Certificate 4: 2 to 3 years practical experience is recommended.
Certificate 5: 2 to 3 years practical experience is recommended.
Certificate 6: 5+ years of practical experience is recommended.
Questions/Duration/Passing ScoreTE0-141: 1 hour 30 minutes
TE0-142, TE0-146: Both 1 hour 45 minutes
TE0-143, TE0-145: Both 2 hours
TE0-144: 2 hours 15 minutes
TE0-147: 3 hours 20 minutes

Passing Score is 50% for all the exams
Number of Question in each exam is not disclosed
Validity1. All Teradata certifications awarded will remain valid and will not expire.
2. Candidates may choose to take updated certifications for newer releases of Teradata
Retake PolicyTeradata 14 Exams TE0-141 through TE0-146:
1. Waiting of 21 days between attempts
2. Maximum of 3 attempts during a 6 month period.
o Re-taking the same Teradata 14 exam after passing that exam is not allowed

Teradata 14 Exams TE0-147:
1. Can be attempted an unlimited number of times (waiting of 21 days between attempts), but a maximum of two testing attempts in a six month period.
2. Retaking the Comprehensive Mastery Exam after passing it is not allowed
Self-Study/Sample TestsPractice Tests Link
Exam Partner/Exam TypePearson VUE available online

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